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Do It Yourself
Carbon Fiber
Wall Repair
Repair your
cracked basement
wall by yourself.
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It's fast.
It's easy.
You can Do It Yourself.

Watch how easy.
No mixing. No measuring. No fuss.
Cracked Wall
Repairing cracks is easy

Do it yourself "I am very proud
that I fixed it all by myself."
- Elisabeth
Easy, affordable, DIY basement wall crack repair. Stop your basement wall from further bowing.
For years the rigid strength of carbon fiber has been used for the strengthening of concrete bridges, construction of high rises, multilevel parking structures, foundations - anywhere extreme strength is needed.

For the last 13 years it has been available only commercially for repairing bowed and cracked basement walls.

Now there is a specifically designed system for the homeowner that uses that very same carbon fiber technology. It is available in a complete do-ityourself basement wall repair kit that is easily affordable.

You can quickly and easily repair a crack in your own basement wall, or stop further bowing of that wall, with our Carbon Wall Repair DIY Kit.

Watch how easy it is in the video and instructions. You will be convinced that you can easily do it yourself.

Order your kit today and repair your basement wall now before it gets any worse.
DIY Kit DIY kit available
with easy and clear instructions
Order online
Now you can easily afford it, obtain it, and install it. Order your kit today and repair that cracked basement wall yourself. Step-by-step illustrated instructions are included.
100% Satisfaction Money Back Gaurantee

Step by Step Instructions
Homeowner does it herself. See how.
View step-by-step photos. See the actual video of how she repaired the crack in her basement wall. You can easily do this repair yourself.

Made in the USA Proudly made here in the USA.
The carbon fiber straps, laminating and thick epoxy tubes, static mixers, the roller, roller heads and trays, and plastic trowels are all made in the USA. We are proud of that.

Questions? ask us:
888 496-7120 (M-F 9am - 5pm EST)
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