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Repair your cracked basement wall by yourself

It's Fast. It's easy. You can do it yourself.

Step by Step Instructions


This is a real live demonstration by a homeowner and not a trained professional installer. In this short demonstration and installation video, a homeowner brings you through the steps of a standard repair. She will demonstrate:

  • How to effectively repair the crack in the wall
  • How to prepare and apply the Xtreme1200 and Xtreme800 epoxy resins
  • How to apply the carbon fiber reinforcement straps
  • How to finish the basement wall repair

DIY Kit Available


The standard DIY kit has all the material required to repair a standard 20 foot long wall. For longer walls, additional 4 foot wall kits are available. The standard 20 foot kit contains:

  • 36 linear feet of carbon fiber strap
  • Epoxy tubes
  • Static mixers, rollers, roller trays and heads
  • Plastic trowels
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Double tube epoxy gun (FREE with first 20ft kit)

Non-Obtrusive Repairs


Non-intrusive carbon strap lays flat and is easily painted over for hiding repair. After a couple of days of drying then paint over the carbon fiber strap with regular wall paint. The strap is very unobtrusive and hides well when painted.

  • Epoxy based paints, although not required, are always recommended for basements.

Made in the U.S.A.


The carbon fiber straps, laminating and thick epoxy tubes, static mixers, the roller, roller heads and trays, and plastic trowels are all made in the USA. We are proud of that.

  • Carbon Fiber Straps
  • Laminating and thick epoxy tubes
  • Static mixers
  • Roller, roller heads and trays
  • Trowels


  • My husband and I were skeptical due to the drastic price difference between this product and the cost of the local service company, who provides a similar application. We were absolutely amazed! This product saved our basement wall and our checkbook. We continue to tell people that we meet about this product and how well it continues to perform. Thank you!”

    Amanda Kalamazoo, MI
  • Great product, exceptional service! The product was as described, no surprises. All equipment is high quality with clear directions for installing the carbon straps. The most impressive part was the technical support. My walls had been painted by a previous owner so the prep was fairly extensive. I called with several questions and every time had knowledgable staff member who provided great recommendations.

    My biggest recommendation would be to provide customers with better direction if they need to use an angle grinder either to smooth the walls or remove paint (maybe a video or brochure with pictures). This part was where most of my phone calls came from and the area of biggest concern. Thanks again for your great product and support!

    Eric Somerville, NJ
  • These straps are just what I needed for my badly bowed walls. After instalation we went through a rainy summer with no leaks or movement to the wall. Easy to install and very fast delivery. I just ordered more after giving one wall a summer to evaluate, on my way to supporting the entire basement. Thanks

  • Hello, I wanted to send you a little email to let you know we are very pleased with your product and impressed with the easy installation. We had no issues at all with the installation and the instructions were simple and step by step. It was fast delivery, customer service was outstanding and everything came exactly as described. Thanks a bunch!

    Michelle Gillsville, GA
  • Without a doubt a 10!!!!! Awesome all around and great product! I wish I had more bowed walls to repair! Kidding but thanks for everything and all the best for your family and company

    Glenn Nanuet, NY
  • This product was what I was looking for easy to apply I am very pleased with my choice. And look forward to future orders. I would recommend this product to other do it yourself people great cost compared to other comparable products found online.

    Charles Indianapolis, IN
  • I would give you a 10 for service. I was pleased that the product was delivered very promptly. The system was very easy to install as all necessary tools were included. The only pinch that I have is that your video shows it going on unpainted cinder block. It would have been useful to see it going up over a previously painted cinder block surface. I did not have a grinder so I used my belt sander to cut through the paint to the block. I should have rented a grinder with a vacuum dust pickup and would done so if you have shown that part of the process. If I had it to do over, I would rent a grinder.

    Jim Alexandria, VA
  • I used this product in a 1955 house that had a crack three courses down from the top. There was a small bow to the wall, but nothing to severe. I followed the instructions and made a few calls to ask some questions. The support from the people at Carbon Wall Repair was great. You can hardly notice the carbon straps now that they are painted. I am very happy I went with Carbon Wall Repair! I would recommend this system to anyone needing to fix there wall.

    Sean Rochester, MN
  • Product was extremely easy to use the only problem I had was I didnt need as many 800 epoxy tubes as comes with the 20′ wall repair kit but could of used one more 1200 epoxy tube. Im not sure if this was because I did all the carbon fiber strips at the same time. Im glad I filled all my horizontal mortar joints first (only where the carbon fiber goes) because I was about eight feet short on the horizontal crack in the wall.Other than the shortage of the 1200 epoxy had plenty of everything else. Probably be buying more kits to reinforce block wall where im planning on changing and adding additional windows. Im a carpenter and would recommend this product to anyone regardless of there skill set. The worse thing I had to do was to remove the paint that was on the wall prior to installation. Thank you for selling this product to the general public because installers charge way too much for an easy diy project.

    AJ East Moline, IL
  • They were very easy to install and I had the actual install finished in a day. It is great having the peace of mind of knowing that my basement walls are now structurally sound. The hardest (and messiest) part was grinding the paint off the walls. I would highly recommend a vacuum attachment for grinding.

    Martin Brookfiels, WI



For years the rigid strength of carbon fiber has been used for the strengthening of concrete bridges, construction of high rises, multilevel parking structures, foundations - anywhere extreme strength is needed. It has only been available commercially for repairing bowed and cracked basement walls over the last 15 years. Now, there is a specifically designed system for the homeowners that uses that very same carbon fiber technology. It is available at CarbonWallRepair in a complete do-it-yourself basement wall repair kit that is easily affordable. Now you can quickly and easily repair a crack in your own basement wall, or stop further bowing of that wall, with our Carbon Wall Repair DIY Kit. Order your kit today and repair your basement wall now before it gets any worse.

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Please check our products for wall repairing


Carbon fiber technology is so superior that other methods
of basement wall repair no longer make sense.


Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) has become a notable and preferred material in many structural engineering applications. CFRP has proved itself cost-effective in a number of field applications strengthening concrete, masonry, steel, cast iron, and timber structures. It has been proven throughout multiple industries to be a highly effective product for structural reinforcement. It is a thin wall application, making it non-intrusive and easy to paint over which helps hide repairs well. It's tensile strength is stronger than steel and Carbon fiber straps will not rust or deteriorate and is less expensive than other professionally installed systems. Our epoxy is superior to any other polymers on the market and we manufacture (in our DIY kits) commercial grade carbon fiber.

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Originally developed for NASA and our U.S. Military for applications demanding extreme strength, it is now economically applicable to many industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. Carbon Fiber is a highly proven technology that has been used for years for the strengthening of concrete bridges, construction of commercial buildings and high rises, multilevel parking structures, foundatioins; anywhere extreme strength is needed. It is bonded to the concrete, and because the carbon fibers will not stretch, the concrete cannot move.

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Carbon fiber is always the strongest link in the chain. This is because carbon fiber is typically very strong (e.g., 3000 MPa ultimate tensile strength, more than 10 times mild steel) but not particularly stiff (150 to 250 GPa, less than steell). As a consequence, only small cross-sectional areas of the material are needed. Small areas of very high strength but moderate stiffness significantly increases strength, but not stiffness.

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